Tuesday, August 24, 2004


A Republican actor/director/writer! (Hat tip: Twisted Spinster, who is starting a collection):

I know you are fond of our president.

I relate to him in that he has become easily unlikable. In a perfect world, John Kerry would own a restaurant in Connecticut.

And Teresa?

It just makes you wonder how the money ends up in certain places.

Have you met Bush?

I've met his daughter, Barbara. Zac Posen, the designer, invited me to his show and said he would seat me next to the Bush girl because I'm a Republican.

Why are you a Republican?

If we were going to see a show of Dennis Hopper's photographs, do you think Richard Nixon or Bill Clinton would be more sensitive to the work? I see Nixon as an intellectual. I consider Bill Clinton a huckster.

There are so few right-wing actors like yourself, now that the generation of John Wayne has died off.

I agree with you. It is not an interesting group. But I would rather have dinner with Newt or Dick Armey than with Bruce Springsteen.

Perhaps you can speak at the Republican convention.

I would like to. They haven't invited me yet.


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