Thursday, August 19, 2004


Continuing the fashion theme cracked open yesterday...

There's a new arts blog (credit: 2Blowhards) that discusses not only all the books I haven't gotten to and the art I haven't seen but also accessible topics such as proper concert dress for musicians and audiences. Now almost everyone has gone to some kind of concert at least once, although maybe not a professional performance. I myself have been to scads of amateur outings but only two professional performances, the most recent cleverly timed to insult Twin Cities bloggers generally and the NARN crew in particular.

I was relieved to be told that there's merit in not dressing way up for performances. Indeed, from the point of view of the musician
the sight of row after row of blokes in black tie (and their wives in what passes for evening wear in most of Britain) threw me considerably. It’s a lot more intimidating to play facing this lot than it is to a ‘normal’ audience. On the other hand, I think that if they’d all arrived fresh from the theme park in sweaty tee-shirts and muddy trainers, we’d have felt faintly insulted.
Phew! I had planned to wear sequins to the symphony but changed my mind at the last minute. But I feel moved to point out that it is impossible to be overdressed for a musical exposition if it has a yule theme and the performers are children. Trust me on this. I speak from experience.

Hey Atomizer! Is your wedding going to be Dress: intimidation or Dress: insulting?


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