Sunday, August 15, 2004


Apparently the information superhighway meanders through a lot of little neighborhoods. And like many neighborhoods this year, that means a lot of folks are declaring their support for or antagonism to the presidential candidates. A lot of folks:
  • There are Catholics for and against Kerry. Also Catholics for Bush--I couldn't find any Catholics against him, but I did find some Christians. There are Muslims for Kerry and for Bush. The secular Americans are against Bush.
  • The veterans are for and against Kerry (also for Bush; no vet sites seem to be against him). POW/MIA family members are against Kerry.
  • Kids and teens and their moms are for Kerry. There are also kids against Bush, and teens kind of for him (they haven't updated the weblog for quite a while, slackers that they are). Dads seem not to go for Internet lawn signs of their own.
  • The concerts are for Kerry and the bands against Bush. (There are some songs for Bush but, like the teen site, it hasn't been updated recently. Is there a connection?)
  • Therea are Republicans for Kerry (and against Bush) and Democrats for Bush. But the Independents are for both Bush and Kerry (how independent of them). The Greens are for Kerry (take that Nader!).
  • There are blogs for Bush but bloggers are against him. The warbloggers are definitely against Kerry.
  • Runners are for Bush, climbers are for Kerry.
  • Librarians are for and against Bush (shhh!); babes too are for and against Bush (no word from the librarian babes) .
  • Women (the non-babes, maybe) declare they're against Bush, the cunts agree (make your own jokes here).
I don't know what I've learned from this, other than that the Internet can be kooky. But then, I already knew that.


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