Monday, August 30, 2004


I just returned from my annual visit to Kerryland. The Warrior Monk (yes! he was there too! what a coincidence!) was most intrigued by the fact that there were barely any Kerry/Edwards paraphernalia to be seen. No lawn signs and only 2 bumper stickers: one on a car with Maryland plates and the other on one of my hosts' cars.

So you won't be shocked to hear that everyone tried to avoid political conversation.

With one exception: the tale of "foul play behind closed doors - of pets, lies and videotape." The poop-slinging between two Connecticut State Senators has bipartisan appeal, it seemed. Nasty and disgusting accusations filled the air--then a surveillance video surfaced and one party had to apologize.

The still from the video captured me. Nothing amuses me more than dogs behaving badly and the photo showed a little fluffmeister named "Molly" (fittingly, a shih tzu) skulking down a corridor in a manner that spoke eloquently of her guilt. The creature belonged to the Senator who had initially denied all possibility that such a, well, pile, could have be created by her darling (and instead reportedly blamed a seeing-eye dog belonging to a worker in her rival's office). Couldn't be a more perfect scenario. Then the perfect ending: Security video. Doggy shame. Shock and contrition.

The detail that the now apologetic Senator is a Democrat and the accuser (and, presumably, the wrongly-accused seeing-eye dog-owner) a Republican, was not discussed.


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