Tuesday, August 17, 2004


It's probably my imagination but I think August evening air affects how things sound. The night crickets have started up and the kids' voices outside have an aura usually leant by nostalgia. I feel like I'm remembering things rather than experiencing them.

The neighborhood kids, and my own kids, have finally gotten old enough that they all play in everyone's yards every night. A raucous game of hide and go seek sounds wonderful to my aged ears.

There are enough little brothers and sisters to pick on now, which adds a new dimension to the fun. Last night my eldest and the girl next door created some athletic event they claimed was a "relay" race. As far as I could tell, it involved no passing of a baton, or anything else for that matter, and the rules were ad hoc at best. The little kids seemed to be the only competitors and their older siblings urged them to "Go! Go! Faster!" until my three year old stepped on a rock and started wailing. Game over.

But it sounded great until then. It'll probably be an Olympic sport someday. Everything else is.


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