Tuesday, August 31, 2004


The seven year old is all aquiver about the start of school tomorrow. She got to go in to meet her teacher today, scoring a private viewing as we were out of town for the official open house last week.

It was like getting to see a rock star. She might have asked for the teacher's autograph if she weren't so painfully shy. I was relieved that the meeting seemed to have alleviated all her apprehensions and dared to hope for a cheerful evening. However, after enduring the fortieth rendition of "I just can't wait until tomorrow" (each time, with slight changes to the intonation, making it clear that this was not just a figure of speech--there was grave doubt that she would be able to survive to see the dawn), I am less sure the interview was the boon it first appeared to be.

Have I mentioned she has an unholy respect for authority? Luckily, or unluckily, the three year old balances her out.

UPDATE: She's been circling the living room wearing her backpack for half an hour now. The bus is not due for another half hour. I fear disappointment is sure to follow. How can the day possibly live up to her expectations?


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