Wednesday, September 08, 2004


Today Hugh Hewitt erected a signpost: "it has now been 38 days since Kerry sat down on camera with a major figure from American journalism for an in-depth interview that would be certain to bring up Kerry's whoppers about his Vietnam service." It looks to me like he's right. But! I was able to find at least two shallow interviews:
    The Daily Show: At least we got a clear answer on one question. No flip-flopping on this issue:

    JON STEWART: Please refute if you will. Are you the number one most liberal senator in the Senate?
    JON STEWART: Okay.

    And, although not so clear, the two Johns (Jons?) even discussed that taboo subject, Christmas in Cambodia:

    JON STEWART: Sir, I'm sorry. Were you or were you not in Cambodia on Christmas Eve? (LAUGHTER) They said-- you said five miles. They said three. (LAUGHTER) (APPLAUSE) No, I-- (UNINTEL PHRASE). I think that's a very interesting--
    JOHN KERRY: (UNINTEL) look at that profile.
    JON STEWART: No, believe me, I know.
  • September 2004 issue of GQ: Inquiring minds want to know. Who does John Kerry think is the sexiest film actress of all time? Charlize Theron (but wait, he can't pick just one: "Catherine Zeta-Jones ... and Marilyn Monroe. I thought she was funny. Complicated. And obviously very attractive, very beautiful.") And the fictional character Kerry most identifies with: "There's a little Huck Finn in me; there's a little Tom Sawyer in me ... I like the adventure ... I like Conor Larkin [from Trinity] too." But he dodged the earth shattering issue of whether the Stones or the Beatles are the better band--offering instead that his favorite Stones songs included ""Brown Sugar," "Jumpin' Jack Flash," "Satisfaction," and "Little Red Rooster," and that he loves every Beatles song and the Abbey Road album and the White Album ... and "I love Dylan. He's brilliant."
I feel so much better informed.

When asked "Why are you having Kerry go on "The Daily Show" for his first national TV interview since Swifties for Bush went on the attack, instead of a traditional news show?" a Kerry spokeswoman reportedly snapped "How would that help us?"

I dunno.


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