Sunday, September 19, 2004


Many many pixels have been spilled over Jonathan Klein's (the former executive vice president of CBS News who oversaw "60 Minutes") recent dismissal of the bloggers who spawned RatherGate as merely a "guy sitting in his living room in his pajamas writing."
  • The blogfather suggested sending pajamas to CBS for their reporters.
  • N.Z. Bear proposed a special run of "blogger's pajamas" offered for sale over the internet (proceeds to charity).
  • Suzy Rice created a Jammie Brigade logo.
  • Mitch Berg agreed with Jo: the next MN Blogger Party should be a jammin' one.
  • Winds of Change.net decided to be proactive and registered pajamabloggers.com and pajamasrevenge.com.
  • A frightening number of folks suggested (or revealed) that the truth is they blog in their underwear, cups, or even in the nude (now this would appear to be a very effective method of link-whoring).
We wouldn't want to accused of breaking new blogground or boycotting the pixel-wasting party: we always blog in evening dress--in my case, a ballgown; in the Warrior Monk's, white tie, tails, and a top hat. We find it makes our posts so much more credible, don't you?


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