Wednesday, September 01, 2004


It appears the elephants are scoring big this week: Hugh detects signs of panic on the left and one of our favorite lefty bloggers is wringing his hands:
We're gonna get creamed and I can't bring myself to watch the other side gloat. Here's a huge hall filled with people who want to amend the Constitution to restrict freedom, not protect it; who worship a gifted and soulless political operative who has lied to them at every step; who celebrate a corporate triumphalism that denies the value of the individual unless the individual toes their moral line; and who would deliver unto the Executive Branch the absolute power to operate beyond the bounds of basic American law.

And we're going to lose to these people.
Maybe they're right. I myself haven't been able to sit through a full speech from either convention, in part because of the kid interruptions and in part because none of the speeches have set my hair on fire. Speech-wise, I'm a Tony Blair fan. Everyone else seems boring in comparison and I find myself doing a lawyer-like editing job in response to each sentence: "well yes, but what about _____?"

I have no idea whether others feel the same. Feelings of blogresponsibility have made me more politically informed than ever before, but I started from a very low platform.

UPDATE: Mr. Lefty Blogger (aka Functional Ambivalent) e-mailed us to set the record straight: he is not wringing his hands; he is vomiting.

Duly noted.


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