Thursday, September 30, 2004


Posting hilarity did ensue: local bloggers Craig Westover, Bogus Gold, Centrisity, Steve Gigl, New Patriot, Pair 'O Dice, Plastic Hallway and Wog's Blog all took a whack. Even many of the bigwigs couldn't resist: Vodkapundit, Hugh Hewitt, Patterico, QandO, even Jay Rosen.

Of course the Northern Alliance turned out in force: Lileks (gently, 'cuz "he's a colleague"), Mitch, King, Captain Ed, Frater Elder and, with especial joy, Frater Saint Paul:
It wouldn't surprise me that a man who defines journalism as "to scrutinize the actions of those in power" would create delusions about his own power dependent life circumstances. How else could he sleep at night?

Thankfully, in this new world of media and information access, Coleman doesn't get the final edit on reality. Not even of his own life story. Nick, welcome to the future.
Hey Nick: thanks for the softball! If you can't write decent commentary yourself anymore, you might as well create crap for others to comment on.


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