Monday, September 13, 2004


Last night the three year old decided she was a dog. She demanded that we address her as "Wyatt," which just happens to be the name of one of her aunts' golden retriever, and kept annoying her sister with loud barks.

Not that it takes very much to annoy her sister.

But it's turning out not to be such a bad things to have a dog for a daughter. She seems to be an obedient sort of dog, much to her sister's delight. The sister says "roll over" and the three year old happily obliges. Over and over. I gave her a bagel "bone" for breakfast and she quietly gnawed away at it under the table. I was pleased to learn that she fetches quite well.

I see possibilities here. I'm saving "dogs don't whine" up for this evening. Well, yes, I know they do but I'm hoping that she may fall for it given her limited dog experience. If that works, I'll trot out "but doggies love baths."


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