Thursday, September 02, 2004


Recently the Big Trunk and Hindrocket of Powerline were accused of "tak[ing] the art of slime-throwing to levels of immorality seldom seen" by our local Minnesota Nice paper. (This "vicious" personal attack, as the Power Guys termed it, came in response to a column they wrote about Kerry's activities in--or near--Cambodia). Defenders quickly jumped in: lots of bloggers, Free Republic (who called the Powerline accuser a " pampered, bullying lefty deputy editor"), and even the WSJ. Pretty hot stuff for Minnesota.

But, it's all relative. After all, no one said anyone was going to burn in hell, a fate the recently launched London News Review dearly hopes will befall the keynote speaker of the Republican National Convention:
[I]f God exists then he's no kind of God unless he quickly fashions a hell for Democrat Senator Zell Miller to burn in. And even if the universe exists without a God, as many would contend, it is far from beyond the inarticulate power of this vast mass of galaxies, nebulae and planets to create - within itself - a dark and steaming corner where Mr. Zell Miller can dwell, for eternity, in unspeakable pain. We can call it hell or we can call it Georgia. Just so long as Senator Zell Miller suffers in it.
(Credit: Rambling's Journal).

So thicken your skins! (I shout, hiding bravely behind my pseudonym).


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