Friday, October 08, 2004


OK, I can't make it to the debate party tonight at the undisclosed location (after realizing that Spitbull never ventures out in public, the hosts felt safe enough to e-mail us an invite). But that doesn't mean I can't have fun. Like the big boys, I'm going to live blog it at home (after studying Mitch's pointers for debate live bloggers. )

And, to make it more interesting, I'm going to drunkblog it. It's true: I don't have Atomizer's tolerance (for alcohol, not sports losses) but sipping and blogging seems like oreos and milk--they just belong together. Plus, after blogging two debates, some of my live blogging competitors are sitting out this one (or TiVoing it-blech!). So you liveblog addicts might have to resort to reading this blog (just ignore Hugh, who's will be blogging up a scorecard--what's up with that?).

Spitbull: simply the last resort of liveblog addicts.


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