Tuesday, October 12, 2004


Bill at INDCJounal just can't wait for this weekend's release of the puppet action movie Team America: World Police from the creators of South Park. His appetite has been further whetted by some lefty "injured commentary" he came upon. Sample:
Okay, I laughed in some of it but overall this is a Freepers wet dream. They poke fun at liberals BIG TIME!!!Nothing against ANY rightwingers, ONLY LIBERALS!!! Liberals are the butt of the joke & are even the villians in this.Oh, & all the liberals Die a horrific death in this. TOTALLY bias! I mean, c'mon. How can they NOT have Bush puppet? I mean, he so much a charachter that needs to be mocked. This film was very mean spirited IMO. My firned said I didn't get it. That it was an extreme right wing edge to it & that was the joke. Well, I didn't get that when I saw it. TRUST ME, Freepers will call this film their own &amp; Trey Parker & Matt Stone have sold out BIG TIME!
Plus, kos doesn't care for it:
What do we [the anti-war crowd] get? Peacenik liberal Hollywood actors coddling up to terrorist regimes (ha ha). If you hate Susan Sarandon, Alec Baldwin and Janeane Garofalo, then you'll love seeing them get killed in a bloody battle with Team America.
And Sean Penn reportedly issued "a sincere fuck you" to the movie's creators.

What better endorsements can you get? Now I don't get out much, but I might have to bestir myself to see this one.


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