Wednesday, November 10, 2004


Tom at FunctionalAmbivalent is, like many people, on a sort of distracted death watch:
I get up, I check the latest news, and see that the old bastard is still alive. I take solace in the fact that every morning the headlines are more dire.
The fate of "the old bastard," also known as Suha Arafat's husband, is currently in dispute.

Tom fancies himself a humane person, "a person who captures bugs and releases them outside (well, sometimes) rather than crushing them," but admits that news of Arafat's unplugging will make him glow like Christmas morning.

Well Tom, it seems forty-seven percent of Israelis feel the same way (except, presumably, for the Christmas part). And most of the 32% who disagreed did so because the wanted to see Arafat continue to suffer.

UPDATE: go ahead--start glowing!


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