Monday, November 29, 2004


I congratulated myself for getting most of the Halloween decorations put away this past weekend. The construction paper pumpkins and spiders taped to the front windows, the light-up glitterpumpkin I got on sale at Target last year and one of the kids' treat baskets all got stowed in the basement. The other treat basket turned up a day later and my collection was pretty much complete. It would be nifty to put them all in one of those orange and black plastic boxes Target sells around Halloween. But, since that was about a month ago, it looks like I'll have to wait until next year. No matter. Everything is sitting neatly together on a shelf. Where it'll stay until next year. Or until the kids discover it on one of their flashlight "adventures."

Fortunately, I don't own any Thanksgiving decorations.

My super-duper organization plan is to go get the Christmas tree next weekend. If I avoid my usual procrastination routine it'll be timed perfectly to start dropping needles and screaming "fire hazard" before New Year's Day is over. I firmly believe that dead pine trees are best dragged to the curb by someone sporting a hangover (preferably, not me). It goes well with the scraps of tinsel clinging to the branches. Like oreos and milk.

So I'm feeling all smug and organized and then I see this:
Sunday afternoon I put up the [lightbulb] nets [on the evergreen bushes]. ... The tree’s up, too. We went out in the sleet Friday afternoon to get a balsam fir at the Boy Scout lot. It’s tall enough to play in the NBA. I carried it up the long flight to stairs to the front door, an annual check on my physical fitness, and got the tree in water while it still had a vague desire to drink. ... And then I cleaned the house and made supper and replaced the exterior floodlights with holiday hues. And wrote this. Now I am going to finish the Sunday column, which is about Christmas music.
Who else? Lileks. Sigh. The blogosphere can be brutal on one's self-esteem.


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