Thursday, November 11, 2004


Some lefty blogs were all abuzz after two tanks showed up at an anti-war protest in Los Angeles Tuesday:
  • : Our period of mourning is over. The streetfight has begun, and we need to be fully aware that they are bringing tanks to this fight.
  • : The message is simple, though, we know where you are and what your protesting, and although we haven’t figured out how to call you terrorist yet so we can use more force, we just wanted to show you what you we look like so you can all go home and think about it.
  • : One hopes this was a very isolated incident and some National Guard boys are going to be busted down to scrubbing toilets with their own toothbrushes, but I am very worried this might have been something "called down" by someone on high.
  • : Okay this makes perfect sense for someone who wanted to send a message to protesters and not get caught.

    They send it to a smaller protest so no local media would be there to document the event. They also just stay for a little bit not do much just sit there then drive off. No one would be able to prove they were there (no local media) but the message would get out to the protesters.

    This is intimidation tatics people.

Well, the commenters might be hallucinating a bit, but they weren't hallucinating about the tanks. Two tanks had driven up from Camp Pendleton that night in preparation for a Veterans' Day event the next day and gotten lost. An eyewitness questioned one of the drivers the next day:
"Did you drive around the block twice?" I asked.

"Yeah, we did. We stopped to ask them (the protestors) directions, but they weren't very nice."
Actually, some of them were yelling "baby killers!" and "Shame!"

Happy Veterans' Day.


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