Wednesday, December 29, 2004


From loyal reader John:
This link is to a list of non-governmental charities that are doing immediate tsunami relief work. (At the Catholic Relief Services website listed, it took just a few seconds to make a specifically designated contribution for tsunami relief with a credit card. The other websites listed are undoubtedly the same.)
Please visit the link, as we did. The need is heartbreaking.

From Lileks, who donated to one of the organizations listed:
I tossed some money to the American Red Cross tonight (Amazon makes it very easy) and did so with a small amount of self-disgust. At least now I know the death toll that gets me to open up the wallet. From now on my guidelines will be “earlier” and “more.” It’s not for the dead we send the money, of course – it’s for those whose lives have been scoured down to the bone, but you can’t help but think that your contribution somehow mitigates the awful numbers. It doesn’t. And if your money makes its way to a small village, and ends up as a box of clean underwear and toothpaste and batteries and aspirin dropped in the lap of a man who watched his entire family scraped off the face of the earth and swallowed by the brutal, implacable and mindless hand of nature, well, know that it probably won’t make much difference. It can’t. But someone has to get him clean underwear and aspirin. You there, with the drawers full of Jockeys and Bayer: cough up.
I coughed, you cough, let's everyone cough up. Perhaps not the best slogan ever but let visions of the waves make amends and induce you to help.


I do not think so.

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