Friday, December 10, 2004


As the Fraters reminded us yesterday: we've almost reached the one year anniversary of Hugh's Snowmobile Adventure. Girl in Right fears a repeat involving her local trees:
Apparently Hugh is "on vacation". The Department of Homeland Security is raising the Hewitt Threat Level with the upcoming first anniversary of the attack. The city of Boulder is all but evacuated, with every available tree hugger deployed to the foothills to wrap their arms around anything organic. The 12th Mountain Expeditionary Unit has been shipped out to the Rockies to make sure that the Hewitts aren't holed up in a cave outside the Vail Ski Resort. Complaints have been filed both by the Abominable Snowman, and a contingent of Dockers-wearing accountants, all of whom were detained at the New Mexico/Colorado border until it could be confirmed that they were, in fact, not Hugh Hewitt. No comment yet from the ACLU.
She's even written a "Haik-Hugh."

We're so pleased. As The National Association for Poetry Therapy's motto instructs:
In the deserts of the heart.
Let the healing fountain start.
(W.H. Auden). And those trees sure do need some healin'


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