Wednesday, January 19, 2005


Via Dilley Blog I see that NARNian Captain Ed "of the popular conservative blog Captain’s Quarters" is quoted in City Journal. He is tapped to explain why America's college campuses are drifting right:
these kids "grew up on . . . moral relativism and internationalism, constantly fed the line that there was no such thing as evil in the world, only misunderstandings.” Suddenly, on 9/11, this generation discovered that “there are enemies and they wanted to kill Americans in large numbers, and that a good portion of what they’d been taught was drizzly pap."
If asked, Spitbull would have said that the kids finally figured out Volvos are awfully expensive and kind of unreliable, but we weren't asked. Maybe next time.


Yawn. I think I wrote about this like three days ago. Or was it last week? Get with the times girl. You can't be expecting to get tapped by the MSM if you're so far behind the curve. If you want to play in Eddie's league, you need to step up to the plate. Dedicated, devoted, turning all his nightimes into the day. That's why Eddie's where he's at.

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