Monday, January 24, 2005


Even when I lived in New York City I used to leave my purse everywhere. Amazingly, I always got it back somehow and now, years later, seem to have finally learned that I should have it with me when I walk out of a place.

Dangerously, I now possess both a mobile telephone and a pocket PC, both of which are two of the most frequently forgotten objects in taxicabs according to a recent survey:
Taxi drivers in nine cities also said they had found a range of other items left by passengers, including a harp, 37 milk bottles, dentures and artificial limbs. One driver said he even found a baby in his taxi.
But fortunately I rarely have reason to take a taxi anymore now that I live in the Twin Cities.

The Warrior Monk has a habit of leaving objects on top of his car (while dealing with packages, kids, car seats and so on) and then driving off. Anyone finding a pair of horn-rimmed glasses in the street of Southwest Minneapolis, please drop us an e-mail.


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