Wednesday, January 26, 2005


St. Paul Pioneer Press Columnist Mark Yost interviewed the Northern Alliance this past weekend (for the most part, the interview took place live, on air) . The result:
It's fair to say that Power Line, where astute fact checkers nearly brought down Dan Rather, were the cyber stars of 2004. And rightfully so.

But Power Line is just the tip of the iceberg. Minnesota is replete with bloggers, including Fraters Libertas (www.fraterslibertas.com), part of the Northern Alliance, which includes SCSU Scholars, Captain's Quarters, Shot in the Dark and others.
"Others"! Spitbull finally has found a nickname to go with its snazzy new tagline: bland and padded with clichés.

But not everyone was as pleased with the results of the interview. Some felt there were important omissions. Others sniffed that the resulting editorial merely showed the MSM had little power to increase hit counts. Still others decided to seek the truth by posting a transcript of the interview:
Yost: I’m doing a story on the Fraters and understand that you are an avid reader of theirs. Do you mind if I ask a few questions?

NIGP: I’d be happy to talk about blogging. I initially started blogging to keep in touch with friends.

Yost: I’m not asking you about blogging. I’m asking about the reasons you read the Fraters. So, how long have you been reading the Fraters?

NIGP: I’ve been blogging for about two years. I started as a favor to the Fraters, adding my contributions to their site to help them build readership.

Yost: They never mentioned that.
They report, you decide.


Say, when did Spitbull start allowing comments? Remind me to come up with some sort of spam message offering cut-rate pharmeceuticals to welcome you to the neighborhood.

Anyway, Yost's failure to mention Spitbull was clearly intended as an invitation to a flame-war. Not to fuel the fire, but have you noticed how "Yost" rhymes with "crap-weasel"? It doesn't? Well try it with a Ukranian accent. King Banaian can teach it to you.

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A week or so ago I had to slum through Blogger to try to figure out why long posts were getting truncated by our sidebar. I never did figure that out but, in the process, noticed that Blogger had added a commenting feature. The rest, as they say, is infamy.

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