Monday, February 21, 2005


Mitch Berg liveblogged today's Nick Coleman Air America radio show. Well of course he wasn't after its content, but he also brought a radiohead's view to the proceedings, noting the commercial sponsors and getting irate at Coleman's 'theft" of U2 and the Pogues for bumper music.

Some liberal listeners of Air America are irate at the network's commercial sponsors:
I'm sad to say that today Air America Radio sounds a lot like my e-mail spam folder. I've learned how I can: Regrow hair! Become a millionaire! Improve bedroom performance! Enjoy adventures in travel! Lose weight! Get out of debt! Find true love! One commercial even suggested I sign up for e-mail bulletins so I can get weather forecasts straight in my Inbox!
Being a good progressive, this irate fellow e-mailed several complaints to Air America's advertising manager but didn't get a response. After he finally blogged about his beef, he got an e-mail from none other than Air America's co-founder Sheldon Drobny who sympathized:
We don't like these guys either, and they're gonna be gone.

When it comes to potential advertisers ... I don't really like big corporations in general ... [for example] I wouldn't advocate Archer Daniels Midland.
Thatta boy! Dis the advertisers. Now that's the way to establish a media powerhouse. But after all, you do have a dilemma on your hands when your target audience is used to commercial-free public radio...


Geez. There was a period not too long ago when it seemed like every other NPR underwriting tag mentioned Archer Daniels Midland. If NPR isn't too good to take ADM's gasohol-gotten gains, neither is Frankennetwork.

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