Wednesday, February 16, 2005


A work in progress:

CBS News anchorman Dan RatherBased 60 Minutes report attacking President Bush on forged documentsLamelyWill step down as anchor on March 9, 2005; stays on as full time correspondent for 60 Minutes
CNN news chief Eason JordanAccused American troops in Iraq of targeting and killing journalists at the World Economic Forum in Davos, SwitzerlandNoResigned
University of Colorado Professor Ward ChurchillWrote September 11 victims were not innocent but instead "little Eichmanns" who deserved a penaltyNoResigned as chairman of ethnic studies department; continues as tenured professor
Harvard President Larry SummersOffered "innate differences" as one possible explanation of scarcity of female scientists at top universitiesRepeatedlyFaces faculty vote of no confidence at upcoming emergency meeting
Online website reporter Jeff Gannon/James GuckertUsed pseudonym and lofted softball questions at White House Press conferences; registered gay web sitesNoResigned


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