Thursday, February 10, 2005


Local righty Bloggers are well-nigh despondent about Senator Dayton's recent announcement that he will not be seeking re-election. The proprietor of the blog formerly known as Dayton v. Kennedy is soliciting drinks. Frater Saint Paul is concerned about what will become of former Pioneer Press columnist, soon to be former Dayton media advisor, Brian Lambert.

Perk up boys! Al Franken plans to make an announcement live on his national radio show in Washington D.C. that he will be running for the open seat. The announcement is expected to come near the end of today's broadcast, which will be around 1:45 p.m. Think of the possibilities! After all, he's a very funny guy.

UPDATE: Hugh Hewitt mistakenly lists Spitbull (along with Powerline, the Fraters gents ("if sober"), Mitch, CaptainsQuarters, SCSU Scholars, and BogusGold) as one of the MN blogs who will clearly "beat the local papers on depth and analysis" on the subject of Minnesota's 2006 race. As you can see from our comments above, Hugh is clearly suffering from the triumph of hope over experience in the case of this blog. But we appreciate the sentiment. Hey Hugh! You aren't trying to boost our self-esteem, are you?

UPDATE II: Now we're depressed. Franken was just trying to prop up his Arbitron ratings. Where are we going to get our cheap posting humor from now?


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