Saturday, February 19, 2005


  • Bloggers/radio hosts of the Northern Alliance Radio Network will broadcast today from the White Bear Lake Super Store. (Highway 61, north of 694). 12-3pm CST. No doubt inspired/appalled by Pioneer Press' Mark Yost's on-air interview of the gang a few weeks ago, Doug of Bogus Gold will try doing a more in-depth of interview of one of the NARNians, King Banaian (possessor of the 789th most popular name of his decade and big cheese at alleged group blog SCSU Scholars), after the show.
  • The Minnesota Organization of Blogs (MOB) has its first official spin-off: The M.A.W.B. Squad. It's a gal blog (glog?) for the overworked and underpaid XX solo-bloggers of the MOB. Cartoonist extraordinaire Chris Muir has kindly worked up a blogwarming gift:

    LearnedFoot of The Kool Aid Report also proffers a present. All this largesse worries us at Spitbull. Perhaps the M.A.W.B. Squadders should take care to avoid touching spindles on their eighteenth birthdays.
  • No one ever gave MOB member Nihilist in Golf Pants a blogwarming gift or even a wooden nickel. Clearly miffed by all the blogpayola it doesn't (yet) have a piece of, the blog has helpfully posted a price list.
  • Everyone--or at least everyone in the MSM--seems to think the Powerline guys have been showered with largesse for having such conservative views. They claim they're hardly better off than Nihilist in Golf Pants in this regard: "But we like funds, so if you're interested in funding us, let us know." They should rip off NIGP's price list idea. It would provide more fodder for another bloggish spin-off: N.A.A.P.A.L.M.


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