Friday, February 11, 2005


Is spun out in an 8 minute sci-fi/documentary-style Flash movie released last fall into the web (the movie was the 6th most popular link on DayPop on November 28). Well, I missed it (it appears to have made a big splash in geekworld). So here I launch it into the political portion of the blogosphere.

The movie "predicts" a future where news is sliced, diced, and narrow-casted down to the individual level. Bloggers play a part in editing the news people receive (and are paid for their pains), but the New York Times has "become a print newsletter for the elite and the elderly." And some folks end up receiving news that consists of "merely a collection of trivia, much of it untrue."

This future is presented with the trappings of doom: ominous background music, gravely serious narration. You expect it to conclude with a note that all the people died of some horrible disease caused by not being exposed to the protective quality of news selected by those who know better.

If you missed the hubbub last fall and you're interested in the media (and have broadband), the movie is worth a gander. But you can tell that the movie's creators are tied into the MSM.


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