Wednesday, February 09, 2005


More trouble at the United Nations:
"He said, 'Look, if you do something like this for the secretary general, he will never forget you,' " Mr. Ngwira [the whistle blower] said Mr. Hassan [the alleged embezzler] had told him. " 'People here get promoted not because of their work, but because they're nice to the powerful people here. This is an opportunity for you. If you don't take it, don't be surprised if you don't get promoted.' "
As much as $3 million, more than one-fifth of the World Meteorological Organization's training budget, has gone missing over three or four years and "[a] woman claiming to be Mr. Hassan's wife filed a death certificate, which Sudanese officials have told investigators is fake."

Spitbull's forecast for the UN: overcast, with threats of lightning.


Grab your umbrella...

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