Tuesday, February 22, 2005


When it's worried that no one is paying attention to it, the Washington Post can beef up the number of letters it gets from readers with a simple trick:
Publish a photo of a person riding a bicycle without a helmet or walking on a railroad track (with or without a helmet) and you can be sure to receive splenetic missives sort of like this:

"How dare you!?!? Have you no decency!?!? By your reckless and insensitive actions, you are clearly sending the message that you condone riding bicycles without helmets and/or the squashing of innocent people by heavy locomotives.

"I hope you're happy that the blood of countless poor victims will stain your hands. I have taken out a subscription to your pathetic newspaper in order that I may cancel it. Yours, etc."

(Via PoynterOnline)

We at Spitbull have taken note. Unfortunately, we suspect our readership couldn't care less about helmets. We need a different angle to spawn splenetic missives. Or, we could learn from others and simply write our own.


A railroad rail makes a bad balance beam account the surface is not flat, and lubricants from the running gear make the surface slippery.

One of the first lessons novice train crew receive is to always step over a rail, never on it. The trespasser using a rail as a balance beam is at more risk of a bad fall than of being run over by a train, which makes the practice something not to encourage, although journalists probably commit other errors more worthy of being called on than running photographs of people walking on the rails.

By Blogger Stephen, at 2:22 PM  

Actually those comments were submitted by real moonbats. They were merely amended by the Haloscan gods.

By Blogger LearnedFoot, at 10:59 AM  

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