Thursday, March 03, 2005


A commenter (using the moniker "Real Liberal") at one of our favorite lefty blogs is disappointed with Tom's recent post:
Well another one bites the dust. Have fun Tom being a reactionary fascist you dirty bush-sucking bitch. The Dems don't need traitors like you anyway.
Tom's crime? A thoughtful post that ends:
So, as a Democrat, I'm wondering: What do we do if President Bush was right? What do we do if the Mideastern dominoes start falling and President Bush goes down in history as Winston Churchill, while we go down as Neville Chamberlain, howling weakly that diplomacy works and military force is no longer necessary? What if our most conservative President goes down in history as a great contributor to the liberal ideals of freedom and tolerance, while we Democrats -- we liberals -- go down as cold-hearted and fearful, unconcerned about the suffering of our fellows while we sit contentedly in our affluence?

If that happens, are we even liberals any more?
Don't worry commenter, there is and will be plenty of bad news for you to focus on along the way, even as the dominoes fall. Go on ignoring the prizes of freedom and tolerance in the Middle East and keep your eye on the real prize: DFL power at home! This won't get you the prize you want but it'll keep you from the evil of cognitive dissonance.


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