Friday, March 18, 2005

COW POWER OF 170@4800 

Sandy at the M.A.W.B. squad is in the market for a new vehicle to replace the van totalled by her daughter (who thankfully escaped with only a forehead bump). She is soliciting suggestions but has rejected the Saturn option ("I'm that odd duck who really, really likes the negotiation process. I would actually be disappointed if I didn't get to work over the salesperson of my choice.")

Here's my suggestion. Go for a Chevy Oldsmobile:
The days of bartering are back at a Charlottetown car dealership. It is giving farmers a chance to trade in a cow on the purchase of a vehicle. Walter Piccott Chev Olds in Charlottetown will take up to dozen cattle under the program. It is offering farmers up to $1,000 for their cattle.
Just think of the negotiation possibilities ("Twelve cows, four goldfish and a guinea pig. And that's my final offer!"). The only difficulty might be in getting the cattle there. But you can cross that bridge when you get to it.

UPDATE: I the Warrior Monk emerge from my long hibernation to note that there is of course no such thing as a Chevy Oldsmobile, only Chevies and Oldsmobiles. In fact, there is no longer any such thing as Oldsmobiles, or new ones at any rate, to the eternal chagrin of both my father and my brother.


We don't have cows, but have plenty of neighbors with cows, so I'm sure I can get my hands on one. Unfortunately, I'm afraid the trip to Canada hauling the beef would be cost prohibitive.

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