Wednesday, March 30, 2005


Ambra Nykol, "a nice little black girl, and freelance writer of Seattle, Washington," and blog proprietess (as well as contributor to the blog Sound Politics) has some words of wisdom for job seekers culled from her current stint in a recruiting department.

1. Write your cover letter by hand on college-ruled paper with a blue Bic pen.

2. Use the word "pimp" at least one time on your resume.

3. When the recruiter calls you for an interview, forget that you even applied for the job.

4. Use an email address on your resume that includes the word "sexy" (e.g. lilsexymomma@yahoo.com, 2sexy4u@hotmail.com).

5. Make sure the outgoing voicemail message the recruiter hears includes music and the phrase "shake that (insert Biblical word for donkey)."
Perhaps Ms. Nykol is preparing to add "advice columnist" to her list of writing accomplishments.


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