Saturday, April 23, 2005


I don't know how you could have missed it, but Nihilist in Golf Pants, despite an ardent campaign, was not elected Pope on Tuesday. Some guy named Benedict was.

The selection of a fairly er, mature, guy for Pope means Nihilist, who is not yet forty, may have another shot at the prize:
We’ve learned a lot and vow to be better prepared for the next conclave (which we hope is many years off). For one thing, we've learned that you really need someone inside the conclave, and to that end Learned Foot has started the campaign to get me my Cardinal’s hat.
Nihilist may be a nihilist, but he isn't a sore loser. Not only is he not whining (all that playing by the rules at Keegan's instills fortitude when it's not instilling liver failure) he is "rededicating [himself] to blogging" with a list of the Top 11 Things I Learned Running For Pope. Like Nihilist, I was particularly impressed by number 10:
The Pope has e-mail: benedictxvi@vatican.va
Who says the Vatican is hide-bound?

But, if you decide to participate in the infinite bathroom wall that is the Internet, you gotta have a strategy to deal with its less savory aspects:
A self-described "domain hoarder" who used to live in Texas says he will be cautious with the pope-related Web address he registered earlier this month.

Rogers Cadenhead, a former Fort Worth newspaper reporter who now lives in St. Augustine, Fla., registered BenedictXVI.com well before the new pope's name was announced.


But Cadenhead apparently isn't asking for money. On his personal Web site, Cadenhead wrote that in exchange for the domain name, he would ask the Vatican for "one of those hats," a free stay at the Vatican hotel and "complete absolution, no questions asked, for the third week of March 1987."
Clearly Nihilist must set up his Internet strategy well in advance in order to be truly prepared for the great honor of Popehood. Is he? Is he really? I, for one, am deeply concerned.


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