Monday, April 04, 2005


Laura of Apartment 11D predicts the future of blogs:

Bloggers, at least the political ones, need triumphs to keep up their momentum. There's no money or glory in blogging, so bloggers must be fueled by something else. Like the gotcha moments when they snag major media in errors or bias.

Some have hypothesized that in the future blogging will be eaten up by big media, interest groups, or politicians. Professionals will take the place of the amateur.

I'm starting to see another fate for the blogosphere. It's one where the personal blogs triumph. Those that write witty and small things about their cats and yoga classes and kids.

I hate cats but I must admit I see a future for commentary such as this:
Today finds everyone in an improved mood around here. It’s difficult to feel subdued on a beautiful spring day. With temperatures in the 50’s, the boys and I were talking about what outdoor projects we could accomplish today. The Senator asked if we could spread peanut butter on The Governor’s hair, dip him in birdseed, and put him out on the deck.

It was a serious request. I am raising future asylum inmates.

I think, instead, we will go out and lay in the grass and watch clouds. This will be followed by first annual Easter Egg Massacre in which we take all the decorated eggs out to the pasture and smash them against trees. A little post-Easter therapy for me...destructive fun for the boys. Just the sort of thing the Mother of the Year judges look for in a candidate. 2005 should be a cinch.
If not Mother of the Year, how about Blog of the Year?


Thanks, Eloise. Coming from a member of the Northern Alliance...that's high praise.

By Anonymous Cathy, at 10:33 PM  

Whatya got against cats?

By Anonymous Aunt-in-law, at 3:01 PM  

They make me sneeze. Dirty rotten scoundrels.

By Blogger ELOISE, at 10:20 AM  

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