Wednesday, April 27, 2005


Spring in Minnesota is not for the faint of heart. After teasing us with the promise that summer is coming soon today it goes a ha! Sucker.

I've lived here long enough to know better but it's not my deep Minnesota experience that saves me from prematurely stowing away my warm wrappings. It's sheer laziness. Laziness larded with the procrastination wisdom I've picked over the years from the Warrior Monk. Yes, I've learned a lot from the Monk.

And from others too. I once had a friend who used to purposefully leave money in the pockets of her coats before putting them away for the season. The delight at finding cash while rummaging for gloves helped dull the pain of being forced to don protective anti-weather gear. While I'm still not prescient enough to plant money myself, I do fondly remember finding a twenty during an impoverished period in my life and can see her point. It kind of makes one's day sometimes.

When I reluctantly pulled out my warm(ish) coat this morning, I was momentarily excited when I noticed there was something in the pocket. I dug in and pulled out ... three pistachios. In their shells. Not exactly negotiable tender.

And I've been scratching my head -- why on earth would I have stowed nuts in my coat pockets? Maybe it wasn't me. Maybe it was those damn squirrels.


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