Thursday, April 14, 2005


Technorati tag: The Hatemongers Quarterly has launched its Second Annual Horrible College-Student Poetry Competition:
Naturally, dear reader, fundamental grammatical flaws are a must. Today’s college students may claim they know everything, but they think a semi-colon is a fancier quotation mark. In addition, the poem should convey an irksome all-knowing tone. After all, these kids are 19 years old, and they understand the ways of the world far better than their elders.


Contestants need not be college students. Contestants need not detest college students, but it will probably help.
And, for those of you not up to a poetic exercise, the guys at The Kool-aid Report, those models of anger management, have ordered up a haiku-writing therapy for angry bloggers .

The best one so far is:
Writing lame haiku.
Your criticism is true,
But it beats working.
So, you can see that the standards are quite low.

I'm mulling over the idea of having a First Annual Write A Post For Spitbull So The Warrior Monk Can Continue To Slack Off Contest. What d'ya think?


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