Monday, April 18, 2005


Technorati tag:One of the silliest political "kerfuffles" (there! I finally had occasion to use the darling term of political punditry; I'll just sit back and wait for my Instalanche now) currently making waves is the is-local-Senator-Michelle-Bachmann-lurking-in-the-bushes-at-the-gay-rally-or-do-her-shoes-just hurt? meme (I won't even touch the bathroom-imprisonment "scandal").

WELL, you may know my specialty is tempests in teapots, so I was absolutely delighted when I heard that there's also a photo of local columnist and Air America host Nick Coleman's producer lurking behind a ficus plant at the right wing Dan Rather farewell event from March. Such a posting opportunity! Two great goofs in one. I had dreams of joining the ranks of the Serious Blogosphere.

Unfortunately, I couldn't find the photo anywhere (it might help my Googling efforts if there were an accepted spelling of the producer's name--Kuhbi? Cubby?). And now Nick Coleman claims it's fake.

Maybe he's right. But if anyone can find the photo, please forward it to us (our e-mail address is at the upper left) and we'll post it. We want to report so you can decide. Then maybe we'll get into Time magazine or the Economist like the big boys of the Northern Alliance. Or Minnesota Law & Politics. Or at least the Onion.

Please help.

UPDATE: Misanthropic Frat Boy of Nihilist In Golf Pants says "Cubhi's" voice is rarely heard on the show anymore and suspects he's been unfairly muzzled.

J.D. e-mails to reveal that "Kabay" may be guy who got his start on Tom Barnard’s show on KQRS.
Kabay was known for pushing the envelope. Sometimes this worked great, as when he recorded his colloquy with a drug dealer on a Minneapolis street corner. Other times, it was deemed over the top, as when he faked an ambush interview with Brett Favre in a Minneapolis hotel room and asked if the woman in the room was “the lovely Mrs. Favre.” Tom and the gang had to throw ol’ Kabay to the wolves and fire him.
Still no photo.


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