Tuesday, June 07, 2005


On Bush:

What was your gut feeling the first time you came face to face with President Bush?

He was very funny and quick. Just quick-witted.


We get on very well. I couldn’t come from a more different place. We disagree on so many things. But he was moved by my account of what was happening in Africa. He was engaged.

I think, when I’m sitting two feet from someone, I could tell if this was just politics. This was personal. I think, for all the swagger, this Texan thing, he has a religious instinct that keeps him humble.

You mean that right-wing fundamentalist neocon scary stuff?

Actually, he’s a Methodist. It has to be said that most of the people in the cabinet are not religious extremists.

On Jesse Helms:
You recently met Senator Jesse Helms, who as chairman of the Senate foreign relations committee in the Eighties did whatever he could to suppress the Sandinistas.

People said to me: this is the devil himself you’re going to meet, and his politics are just right of Attila the Hun. But I found him to be a beautiful man with convictions that I wouldn’t all agree with but had to accept that he believed in them passionately.

This is happening to me a lot. I am discovering how much respect I have for people who stay true to their convictions, no matter how unpopular. As you get older, your idea of good guys and bad guys changes.
Stumped? U2's Bono. (Via No Rock and Roll Fun)

You're gonna get black balled from MTV for this, I'm warning you...


excellent post!

By Blogger Mr Bob, at 2:50 PM  

Interesting. I think pretty much the same thing about Bono. I don't agree with all of his causes, but I respect him as a person passionate about his deeply held beliefs.

By Blogger Sandy, at 2:49 PM  

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