Sunday, August 28, 2005


We are, theoretically at least, past the toilet training era in our household. But we live in a wonderful neighborhood chock-a-block with little kids, many of whom are still struggling with that vital stage.

Last night, everyone was hanging out on the stoop drinking wine (did I say I live in a wonderful neighborhood?) and one neighbor recommended Bear in the Big Blue House - Potty Time with Bear as a useful anti-diaper tool. It turned out to be a qualified recommendation, however, as the video recently caused one of those lovely "why one earth did I have children anyway?" moments all parents know so well.

The parent explained he had set up his laptop to play the crucial DVD to his child while the tot was enthroned on the potty chair. Then, other children started yowling and the dad left the room.

Our neighbor returned to find that the video had worked. Too well. His son enthusiastically peed all over the computer. Certain crucial keys ("A," "S," "D" etc.) no longer work.

On the bright side, a replacement laptop now costs less than half the price of the soiled model. [The Warrior Monk's comment: pretty dim for a bright side]


Lovely story. I got a good laugh out of that mainly because I am very familiar with the video. After watching it a couple hundred times it gets a little disturbing.

By Blogger Tony B, at 9:35 PM  

Fair warning with that video: If you're easily embarrassed by being caught singing songs about potty chairs, avoid being within earshot whenever this thing is playing. Devlishly infectious tune.

By Anonymous Doug, at 9:24 AM  

It is impossible to resist the lure of purple otters dancing in turbans while singing about the Mystic Order of the Toileteers.

By Blogger Nicko McDave, at 12:29 PM  

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