Thursday, August 11, 2005


The 7/7 attacks and the stoic British reaction prompted numerous compare-and-contrast essays on the gushy American therapy culture zeitgeist versus the stiff upper lips of the Brits. I'll agree too few of us headed to the pubs on September 11. But now they're sneering at our photo journalists too:
Good grief, how soft and gentle are the American paparazzi? In the UK, they think nothing of being smashed in the face three or four times a night in order to get a fuzzy shot of one of the Girls Aloud kissing a third-division footballer; while in the US, Brad Diaz gets grazed by a pellet gun, and it's off to court he goes
Our paparazzi. Is nothing sacred?

UPDATE: The Hatemonger's Quarterly posts an eloquent paeon to the paparazzi ("After all, these nosy photographers may be destroying people’s lives, but they’re destroying the lives of people such as Kid Rock. That deserves some sort of collective medal in its own right.").


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