Saturday, August 06, 2005


The days of wine and roses seem to have suddenly arrived at our house.

Inspired by her success at "babysitting" a one year old cousin while on vacation (in other words, following her around and making sure she didn't kill herself as the grown ups enjoyed cocktail hour), the eight year old decided to babysit her younger sister last night. She persuaded her to eat her veggies, got her in her jammies, helped her brush her teeth, read her a story and tucked her into bed.

I paid her a quarter for her pain, and her sister "one money" (a penny) for being a good babysittee.

The Warrior Monk thinks I'm being cheap. He said he'd gladly pay her a dollar every night if her babysitting skills match those she displayed last night.

He has a point.


My Father always -- without exception -- gave my sons a quarter when he felt a "cash gift" of any kind was deserving. He always maintained that $1.00, $10.00, or $20.00 would just be spent without any recollection of even where it came from, but the lone quarter would be memorable and always a conversation piece even if it was about stinginess!

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