Monday, August 29, 2005


When I buy soap, I just want it to get things clean, maybe smell kind of nice, and definitely not cost an arm and a leg. I generally don't care about the political proclivities of the soap producer. I know people sometimes do but I consider these earnest shoppers a bit weird, veering on fanatical.

In my completely unscientific, anecdote-drenched experience, they also usually seem to be liberal.
Few people spend much time considering which brand of almonds to buy. But progressives just might want to take that extra moment the next time they’re in the snack aisle.

What?Why gasp in horror?
Blue Diamond almonds
Owner's founder and co-CEO serves on the board of the Manhattan Institute. Gave money to Families for Conservative Values.
Curves fitness clubs
Founder and CEO supports and funds pro-life causes.
McCormick & Schmick restaurantsCo-founder is a Republican "Super Ranger" who raised lots of cash for the Republican National Committee last year.
Vicks VapoRubSmith Richardson Foundation is a major funding source "for more right-wing causes than you can name."
Home Depot stores
Founder has given hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Republican Party. Company’s current chairman and CEO has personally given near the maximum for individuals to the RNC since 2003.
The list goes on and on and if you're a crazy CRAZY lefty, you could be left with little in the way of guilt-free consumer purchase opportunities. Plus, you'd smell kind of bad.

Knowing me, I will forget these tidbits almost immediately (one of the reasons I never show up for Thursday Trivia Night at Keegan's).


I'm living proof that retaining trivia is not a requirement for socializing at Keegan's. Will we at least get to meet you at the MOB gathering?

By Blogger Sandy, at 10:02 PM  

So all those Curves fitness clubs are really a Republican tool to get women into better child-bearing shape.

By Anonymous Neil, at 8:43 PM  

I guess maybe I'm a little bit liberal. Those things do bother me. On the other hand, I am extremely bothered by Ben & Jerry's support of the anti-war cause. It's not hard to refrain from buying B & J's because I don't need the stuff anyway. In general, though, I just buy what I want and try to ignore the politics behind it. It's too much work to be progressive.

By Anonymous Lynn S, at 7:40 AM  

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