Friday, August 05, 2005


  1. If you lock your keys in the car at a highway rest stop while the car is running, taking a tire iron to the teeny triangular back window is not as crazy an idea as I first thought. But it's not the greatest idea either.
  2. Vodka martinis seem to make me drunker, quicker, than gin martinis. Perhaps a double-blind placebo-controlled study should be undergone to test this hypothesis. But what do I use as the placebo, gin or vodka?
  3. Cotton skirts are the way to go. I am mothballing all my shorts.
  4. We need to travel with fewer bags. Or at least, not leave one in the hotel lobby all night by accident. Overzealous tour guides are likely to pick it up thinking it's one of their charges' and not figure it out until they reach the next destination an hour away.
  5. The Warrior Monk's favorite axiom--Guinness tastes better the closer you are to Dublin--has a corollary: steamed mussels taste better the closer you are to the ocean.
  6. There are far too many classic rock radio stations around and not enough of everything else (the Warrior Monk disagrees with me on this one but he has a more fetching singing voice than I--or so he thinks).
  7. Be VERY careful when you pack anything with velcro in your luggage.


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