Monday, October 17, 2005


It's awfully hard to remember why anyone cares other than where there's smoke there might be some fire. I'm talking about the Valerie Flame (Hah!)/CIA operative leak scandal from the last century (or so it seems).

So New York Times reporter Judith Miller finished her three month jail stint for refusing to testify about it (after VP Cheney's chief of staff assured her that yes he really did mean it last year when he said it was OK for her to testify) and finally ta daa! her answer to the grand jury's questioning: "I simply could not recall where that came from."

Where's there's such weirdness, there must be more to come.

And I've found it, with a sneak preview of Karl Rove's testimony:
All right, rat-brains, I’m coming clean. Sure, I gave the reporters clearance to talk about me years ago, and I’ve testified a whole bunch of times, but I was holding back the really good stuff. This time I’m going to spill the beans…on Mrs. Weinstein.
I may have to go back and figure out what the deal is after all.

Mrs. Weinstein is, of course, a sock puppet.


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