Monday, November 28, 2005


I am very fortunate in that regard and I now have another reason to be grateful: they've never served roadkill turkey to me on Thanksgiving.

Others are not so lucky. This morning I received an e-mail from a good friend of mine about her Thanksgiving feast:
[My father in law] hauled his family to a cabin with little heat in sub zero temps, no plumbing, [my mother and brother in law] had colds so it was more then just the mice spreading germs and he served a bonafied road kill turkey. yes that's right, [My father in law]'s boss saw a wild turkey get hit by a car, pulled over, picked it up and thought "I bet [My father in law] would like this" and [My father in law] turned around and said "I think I'll serve this to my family".

I'm home, warm and clean and thankful for all the things I have in life that challenge me and give my life color!

Hope you had a fun weekend.
Well, I did, if you count lying around alot, eating (domestically raised) turkey, shopping a bit online (no visiting crazy stores for me) and taking the four year old to see The City Children's Nutcracker (I think her high point was being beaned by a foam cheese wedge tossed by one of the roller-skating mice).

Note to Ann: unlike mine, at least your Thanksgiving was PETA-approved. I'm sure you will find this fact a great comfort.


I hope you enjoyed the Nutcracker. I was part of the performance.

By Blogger Justin, at 10:47 PM  

We did indeed. The four year sat at the edge of her seat for the entire performance. No whining from her or her two friends!

You can feel complimented by the fact that when we took the now eight year old to the Bolshoi's Nutcracker about four years ago, she had to be bribed with candy to stay for the entire performance.

By Blogger ELOISE, at 3:29 PM  

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