Wednesday, January 18, 2006


We had a pretty techie Christmas here at the Spitbull manse. The kids got little electro creatures that beep at you from time to time. (They're supposed to be cute but they sure can startle when they start carousing without warning as you're tiptoeing through the house turning off lights and such before bed). I got a DVD recorder so I can finally burn the priceless digital videotapes of the kids that have been sitting waiting for disaster ("spilled milk") to happen. And the Warrior Monk got all sorts of swag: a wireless extender so he can use his laptop while seated at the previously dead spot at the bar (although he hasn't really put it to use to post now has he?). A transmitter that lets him play his iPod through his car stereo. And, most thrillingly, a bitchin' ice melter. It seems to work too, though it's been so warm this winter that we haven't had the opportunity to see it really strut its stuff.

In fact, everything seems to work! Utterly amazing.

Coincidentally, I've also been following in Atomizer's footsteps by spending quite a bit of time recently trying to burn some of the Warrior Monk's extensive CD collection to iTunes. (Unlike Atomizer, however, I haven't injured myself in the process). In fact, I'm making such good progress that I'm straining my laptop's piddly hard drive. So, flush with our recent kindly experiences of techland, I just went ahead and ordered an external hardrive to house the excess tuneage.

I'm afeared, but hopeful.


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