Saturday, February 11, 2006


Every once in a while we get a yen to rearrange. No, not our blog, which we anticipate will enjoy its classic circa 2003 look for many years to come. But the surroundings in which our corporeal presences reside get tweaked every few years. This year, we decided to move our TV to a different room. I know. HUGE news.

Anyway, we faced a dilemma: our TV is hooked up to cable and we are very unhandy. Cheap too. We didn't want to pay someone to run the cable to a different room. Plus put holes in things. We hate holes.

Turns out there are gadgets to send cable signal wirelessly through your house! We bought this one and it works!

This post is a public service announcement. A bit lame too, but aren't all PSA's sort of lame?


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