Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Our House has recently acquired a new resident, a cockatiel named Cody. Margaret reports that he has already gotten to work pulling the keys off David's laptop and is smart enough to try flattery to escape the consequences (does David think his "Pretty Boy!" exclamations apply to him or the bird?).

But this could just be the beginning. Perhaps Cody can learn to recite nursery rhymes in dialect, like a budgie recorded on a just-released Bird Mimicry CD (via Crooked Timber). Or a modem connecting, a building being constructed (but where's the beep beep beep of the cement mixer backing up?) . These clips are from a Times article that also warns that an African grey parrot, named Ziggy
... hit the headlines in January when Chris Taylor, its owner, heard his pet mimicking his girlfriend professing her love for another man. Mr Taylor and Suzy Collins split up after the parrot blurted out: “I love you, Gary."
So better be careful with that Cody ...


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