Thursday, March 02, 2006


The kids have been packed (at least to their satisfaction) since Sunday. They would have been packed earlier but I laid down an arbitrary rule that no packing was allowed until Sunday and they, being used to rules that make no sense to them, complied. So we've had a pile of small pink vinyl bags in the corner of the living room for only a few days now. I have no idea what is in them.

We're driving to Iowa tomorrow to celebrate the 90th (!) birthday of a grandma who remains in good health. Though I laud the purpose I dread the trip.

The kids, however, are enthusiastic. They have drawn the prettiest pictures they know how for her (birthdays are very important to them, although the number being celebrated is immaterial). But what they're really excited about is going to a different city and staying in a hotel. Doesn't matter that we've warned them there is no pool at this hotel. Doesn't matter that they will be in the car for upwards of five hours. They're excited about seeing the plastic water cups individually wrapped in plastic baggies and having doughnuts for breakfast and stopping at McDonald's on the way.

I honestly don't remember being so enthusiastic about travel myself as a child. Must I have been? Are all children?

The five year old, perhaps in anticipation, has abandoned her bed. I looked in last night and though I couldn't see her I could hear her snoring. After a hunt, she was found asleep under her desk. No sleeping bag. Just pillows.

We suggested a sleeping bag. She objected. Sleeping bags are for sleepovers she said.

So now I'm wondering: is Iowa a sleepover? I guess we'll find out.


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