Thursday, April 06, 2006


No. Just a "dusty response" from the lampoon victims -- because they're French. A member of the European Parliment was more uppity:
"These cheap and derogatory remarks are beneath even a budget airline. We really have got to be more mature in our relationships."
The provocation? Another cartoon (admittedly one with production values so crappy they don't even meet the standards of this low-brow blog) and some tart commentary on the transport disruptions caused by the recent French strikes ("Jet2.com condemns French strike action and calls for lazy frogs to get back to work.")

However, the lampooner (chief executive of Jet2), is concerned enough about the possibility of violence that a spokeswoman for the budget airline assured the world that "Mr Meeson [the cartooning CEO] loved France and had a holiday home there, although its whereabouts were not being advertised - for obvious reasons."

Everyone's a wuss.


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